It’s all in the eye of the beholder...

Beauty that is. And that’s by no means a reference to the contents of this page - oh no, we’re not that vain. We’re referring to the ability to behold beauty. To see and recognise good combinations of imagery - shapes, colours and textures, recognise what works well, what the majority will behold as beauty.

Of course it’s not just a case of having the eyeballs, and going round saying how awesome everything is - our job is to conjure up those good combinations and form them into a working design. A well thought out, practical solution for you that works within your budget and blows your customer’s socks off. To do that well, we need to approach every project combining our individual eyeball and conjuring skills together.


Recent 'n' Decent


Thu 20/02/14

Happy Traffic

Traffic is one of those things in life we could all do without – It’s more irritating than those overly sticky price labels you have to scrub to get off. However when your website is causing riotous amounts of healthy traffic – it’s no bad thing, in fact it’s t’riffic (sigh). Putting your website on directories like this one we designed recently create active links which help direct traffic your way, something Google likes to see when recognising your site as credible. Happy traffic folks!  


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