If colouring pencils were nunchuks...

You’re dealing with regular Bruce Lees. You’d also have a lot of really badly injured school-children though so best that nunchuks are nunchuks and colour pencils stay safely as colour pencils.

Other specialist tools in our kick ass arsenal include: a black belt in Illustrator & Photoshop - which to the average ‘wannabe-kungfu/ artist-guru’ means we can create just about anything given the right inclination.

Our huge range of illustration styles & uncompromising quality in execution can be summed up by Bruce himself - “There are no limits. There are only plateaus, and you must not stay there, you must go beyond them.”


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Thu 20/02/14

Happy Traffic

Traffic is one of those things in life we could all do without – It’s more irritating than those overly sticky price labels you have to scrub to get off. However when your website is causing riotous amounts of healthy traffic – it’s no bad thing, in fact it’s t’riffic (sigh). Putting your website on directories like this one we designed recently create active links which help direct traffic your way, something Google likes to see when recognising your site as credible. Happy traffic folks!  


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